Graphic Design

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in today's society 'They' couldn't be more right.  Designers can be a dime-a-dozen, but finding one who can get the right feel for a project is more like a diamond in the rough. I provide a fresh, innovative view while attempting to place a bit of myself into each piece I work on.  Having worked with clients in several different aspects of marketing, advertising, and education, I'm no stranger to an assortment of professional design needs.


...It's the wave of the future. There's a right tool for just about any job, and sometimes an animator is, in fact, just what you're looking for.  There are certain things that a graphic designer just isn't suited to doing because, let's face it, people like stuff that moves!  There's a reason companies spend billions of dollars in revenue a year on commercials, and it's all about entertainment and advertising. I provide a happy medium of the two; and combined with my desire to provide clients with a well-done, professional product I feel that these videos won't be the only thing "moved."​

Video Editing

Of course, there are always those that say, 'you can dream up whatever gobbledygook you'd like on a computer, the real art is film - capturing real people, real emotion.' Well, in a way, they're right. Sometimes, nothing is better than a person in front of the camera. No matter how close an animator or designer comes, there is no replacement for real, live talent.  This may be true, however, even Hollywood's leading stars need some help here and there with continuity, at the very least. That's where video editing comes into play and if that's what you're looking for I've got that base covered as well.